The following table lists all supported exchanges and the functionality available for each: (By clicking on the exchanges name you can access the 'How To' article to connect your exchange account to Stacked)

Binance - integrated with both the Stacks and Bots

-Binance Futures for Bots and Binance Traditional for Stacks

Bybit - integrated with the Bots
Coinbase - Single Sign on for Stacks
FTX - integrated with the Bots, Stacks, and Lending

-FTX subaccount - integrated with the Bots and Stacks
-FTX Futures for Bots
-FTX Traditional for Stacks
-FTX US for Stacks
-FTX Traditional for Lending
Bitfinex- integrated with the Bots
Phemex - integrated with the Bots
Kucoin - integrated with the Bots and Stacks
-Kucoin Spot for Stacks
-Kucoin Futures for bots
Bitmex - integrated with the Strategies
AAX - integrated with the Strategies

We have several more integrations in progress for both manual and automated trading. Exchanges are prioritized by trading volume, growth, liquidity, and of course user feedback. All integrations are thoroughly tested and undergo a rigorous roll-out process to ensure the safety of your funds.

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